Fulbright Disclaimer

This is not an official Department of State website or blog, and the views and information presented are my own and do not represent the Fulbright Program of the U.S. Department of State.


3 responses to “Fulbright Disclaimer

  1. Love is an island
    Beyond the seas
    Luring me to its lush plains and olive trees.

    It is said that in the eye of experience
    love is known best, not in the grip of loneliness

    But we see the folly of love untold
    rising mountains we can only behold
    And yet the truth lies in something we encounter one day
    sincerity of heart, devotion what may.

    For I see beauty in Boudicea’s embrace.
    In her flowing aubern locks, in the delicate beauty of her face.
    And yet, I feel love’s most profound presence.
    When I cast myself into her gaze’s luminescence

    For there I see treasure which remains untainted
    Borne of that which can never be abated.
    A loving heart, burning ever bright
    Which like a diamond steals the light.

    And though for me the island remains distant
    With joy, I now know that it is existent.
    Boudicea has my heart from this day forth
    Even should she journey from Londinium North

    Will you be my Valentine Miss Bennett?

  2. Sorry- didn’t realise it was going to publish for all to see. I won’t take offence if you remove the post. Love Fitzwilliam.

  3. gowiththeebb

    Dear Mr. Darcy,
    I can not help but be flattered by your kind words. However, I have not yet had the pleasure of knowingly making your acquaintance. Please send your calling card to gowiththeebb at gmail dot com so that I may properly address your note.

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