Getting Ready for a Royal Wedding

You’re a bit confused. Wasn’t the Royal Wedding back in April? (Or July, if we’re referring to the one in Monaco?)  Yes and yes.  But there’s another one taking place about four days from now.  It’s in Bhutan…and I will be in attendance.

Well, hopefully.  I was supposed to fly to Bhutan today, but my flight was cancelled, leaving me in Delhi for the night.  (My plane now theoretically leaves tomorrow morning at 5am.)  Also, by “attendance” I mean watching the related cultural celebrations.  I’m not sure I actually get to see the ceremony and cameras aren’t allowed.  But (pending flight take-off) I will see something!

After a week in Bhutan, I’ll spend a week in Kerala followed by two weeks in Rajasthan.  I’ll be in Jaisalmer for Diwali and in Pushkar for the Annual Camel Fair.  At which I will naturally attempt to buy a camel.  I think we’ve got the space for it at home, I just don’t know how to get it there.  I’m sure I’ll have lots to write about, although I don’t know how much time (and internet access) I will have to write…stay tuned!

(This post is being written after a day of travelling and 2 hours of sleep.  I apologize if there are mistakes or it doesn’t make sense. )



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4 responses to “Getting Ready for a Royal Wedding

  1. Cousin Margaret

    So what happened, Elizabeth? Did I miss the post that came after this?I want to know much more about your adventures!

    Love to you!
    Margaret and Mickey

  2. gowiththeebb

    You haven’t missed anything! I returned to London from India on the evening of the 7th, flew to Florida on the 10th, and flew to Texas on the 11th. I’ll hopefully be able to start posting shortly – I head back to Florida next week. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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