You Know You’re Not in Singapore When….

This post is the result of an experience I had at a pub recently.  I walked into the bathroom and was apparently looking down, because the first thing I noticed upon entering the stall was a step.  My immediate thought was, “Darn.  A squat toilet.”  I then looked up, saw the Western toilet, and remembered that I wasn’t in Singapore anymore, Toto.

This is not what London looks like.


So, You Know You’re Not in Singapore When…

10. You’re more likely to find someone from the small Polish town you taught English in, than you are to find a squat toilet.  (That being said, I’ve heard a rumor that there are actually some squat toilets at my school, but I haven’t seen any yet.  I did run into someone from Stalowa Wola.)

9. Good cheese is plentiful.

8. You can get to nearby countries quickly by train.

7. You overhear the word “lah” and get excited.

6. You’re cold inside and you can’t blame it on (excessive) air-conditioning.

5. You’re cold outside.

4. The public transportation workers strike.  (On your first day of school.)

3. There are no amazingly bad PSA music videos to watch while waiting for a train. (Like this one or this one.)

2. Your school’s student organization fair includes booths for Communists and Socialists. And Liberal Democrats, Conservatives, etc. 

1. Alcohol is cheap and food is expensive.



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8 responses to “You Know You’re Not in Singapore When….

  1. CarolKammen

    wonderful, Elizabeth

  2. I guess I take the no strikes thing totally for granted.

  3. Margaret Andersen

    Elizabeth, I am hoping you will not have to deal with any squat toilets anytime soon. I just had that experience at the Imperial Palace Gardens in Kyoto but at least there were two strong bars bolted to the wall for those of us with bad knees! Sounds as if you are in your element–I am hoping you are waking up
    each morning with joy in your heart! Have fun! Keep writing! Thanks for sharing–I delight in your words and observations! Love from—
    Cousin Margaret and Mickey, too!

  4. Your cold outside? Is that even possible? You mean, seasons still exist????

    • gowiththeebb

      Seasons exist, but the flipside is winter! (In a month I will want to be on the first plane back to Singapore.) But then again my hair manages to stay straight since the humidity is less than 100%.

  5. Clayton

    Oh man, how I long for plentiful cheese and cheap beer. On the other hand, I’m flying to Bali next week for $50 so I guess its not so bad.

    • gowiththeebb

      It’s true I can get to nearby countries quickly, but sadly they are not tropical. I guess I’ll go eat some cheese to feel better about the situation.

  6. Great post Thanks for sharing.

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