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Discovering a New Species (and wine) in Myanmar

I discovered a new species in Myanmar.  And I didn’t even have to go into a jungle and get bitten by malarial mosquitoes.  Instead, I made this exciting discovery at the grocery store (and got bitten by infectious insects at my crappy hostel).

In the refrigerated section, I noticed the following package:

Obviously, chicken person was some sort of amusing mistranslation – although one wonders why the label was translated into English anyway.  My mother solved the first mystery – it should be chicken parson’s nose.  I have never heard this term before, but it apparently refers to the tail end of a chicken.   (It’s also called a Pope’s nose or Sultan’s nose, depending upon whom you want to offend.)  Now I know, although I’m still not certain how one should prepare them.

Perhaps they might pair well with Burmese wine, which I wound up buying in Myanmar, but trying in the Tokyo airport.  (Despite the fact that the bottle was in a sealed duty-free bag and I had taken it through the Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi, Da Nang, and Singapore airports without a problem, Tokyo security would not let it through.  I pleaded to be allowed to try it.  At first, I was refused.  But I persisted, and was finally led out of the security area and left to my own devices.  I tried it after first recording the bottle’s description:

“The decent Muscat aroma in combination with a trace of Hollander and Acacia flowers dominates the overall aroma.  Extract-rich, full-mouth taste reflects the berries at the moment when they were freshly harvested.  The ensuing elegant acid structure gives this wine its full and famous and lasting after-taste.”

It certainly had a lasting after-taste – a pretty horrible one.  Oh well, what was I really expecting from a $3 bottle of Burmese wine?


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Pictures from Myanmar and Vietnam

Can be found here:

Posts will follow as I battle jet-lag and uncertain internet access for the next week or so.

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