Singapore Bucket List

I’m past the half-way point of my time in Singapore and I so I drew up a list of things to accomplish in the four months that remain.  I figure it’s important to have goals, although most of these are just things I think will result in interesting experiences, which really means embarrassing myself in public.  Some simply require a little effort/organization on my part (#5, 8, 15…), while others require being able to find a class or training, at which I have thus far been unsuccessful (#3,9).  Others will require the Singaporean god of fortuitous and awesome experiences to smile down on me (#6, 11…).  Without further ado, in no particular order:

1. Line dance  with the Chinese aunties and uncles who gather for a hoedown on Friday nights

2. Go to a songbird competition

3. Learn how to play mah jong.  Bonus points if I can find some Chinese grandmothers to play with

4. Take a Peranakan or Malay cooking class

5. Take a People’s Association class  (Pretty much the equivalent of community ed classes, with more Chinese cultural-themed classes offered.)

6. Get on a Singaporean TV show/commercial

7. Hang out with the ladyboys at Orchard Towers (I’m not sure what I mean by “hang out with”…probably “find some”)

8. Attempt to make the following dishes: rojak, bak kut teh, satay, carrot cake (not what you think), laksa, popiah, mee rebus, beef rendang.

9. Learn how to Lion Dance

10. Meet KF Seetoh (local food celebrity)

11. See Lee Kuan Yew (Singapore’s PM from 1959-1990)

12. Watch a Singapore-league football game

13.  Dragonboat

14. Explore Pulau Ubin (small island near Singapore)

15. Go Prawning (i.e. shrimping)

16. Day-trip to the Exotic Fruit Farm in Malaysia

17. Catch a concert or play at the Esplanade – the building that looks like a durian

18. Take the Tiger Beer Factory Tour

19. Watch a Chinese Tea Ceremony

20. Figure out what game the old Chinese men play near Chinatown complex and get them to play with me (I’ve been told this won’t happen because I am not Chinese, and worse, I am female.)

21.  Go to a Singaporean Farm

I’ve left off the museums/attractions I want to visit, because I think that’s the more boring part of the list.  Is there anything else you think I’m missing?


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  1. Perhaps you’ve already done these, but I think your list should also include:
    22. Have a Singapore Sling at the Raffles Hotel.
    23. Do the night safari at the Singapore Zoo.
    24. Have a meal at Restaurant53.
    25. Visit this place:
    26. And train to run a marathon with your friend Kiersten in Helsinki!!

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